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Caroline Broad

Business Development Manager

0113 288 5603

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As an experienced quality and compliance professional Caroline Broad joined Clarion in 2018 to help strengthen the Business Development Team. Drawing on her years in the regulatory field and later move to the private sector, she shares a wealth of experience advising on quality and compliance matters in relation to supply chain, products and services.

By using research and data analysis she works closely with Clarion’s Strategy and Business Development Director to support clients and friends of the firm with their ventures. This includes discussing strategy, economic landscape, routes to market, marketing and communications and using this information to make appropriate introductions.

If you have a question for Caroline please drop her an email - caroline.broad@clarionsolicitors.com

"Something I’ve enjoyed throughout my career is the insight into varying business environments, different industries and ever-changing markets. I have experience of navigating changing landscapes and helping businesses see some of these challenges as opportunities. I believe you can lessen any business risk by learning from those who may have more experience, expertise or resources available by connecting like-minded individuals to help overcome these dynamics, which ultimately helps growth.”