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Which conversations are right for the workplace?


Sarah Tahamtani comments on a Yorkshire Post article - "Racy novel could prove to be 
a problem in the workplace"

The Yorkshire Post ran an interesting article exploring how an explicit novel could cause a legal headache for Yorkshire employers.

Greg Wright stated that "Fifty Shades of Grey by female author E L James has already sold 20 million copies through publishing rights in 37 countries. The novel is the fastest–ever selling paperback, even outstripping Harry Potter, and has become a widespread topic for the broadcast and print media, much of which focuses on women saying how it has revitalised their sex lives."

The popularity of the book is sparking open workplace discussions - do these add a complex dimension to how employers address sexual harassment?  

Sarah Tahamtani, our employment partner said: “The whole phenomenon of the Fifty Shades books has undoubtedly brought more conversations about the sexual subjects within the book into many workplaces. That said, any business with a strong and clearly communicated framework of equality policy and a respectful culture that is well policed, should not need to legislate for one book, film or other media, regardless of its content.”

To read the article in full please follow this link. 

Source: The Yorkshire Post, Tuesday 31 July 2012