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Six bright sparks from Clarion take the heat for St Gemma’s Hospice


Six fearless trainees from Clarion in Leeds have taken the firm’s support for St Gemma’s Hospice up a degree by walking across a 20 foot bed of burning coals in aid of the local charity!

Last week, Sarah Harrison, Florence Hiskey, David Grey, Nicola Collins, Jennifer Leithgoe and Sean Linley braved coals, burning at 1,237°F, and succeeded in raising over £700 for St Gemma’s Hospice. 

Sarah Harrison commented: “Clarion is an on going supporter of St Gemma’s Hospice which does fantastic work supporting local people and their families. This seemed like a great opportunity to raise funds by doing something different, so a team of us decided to volunteer for the fire walk.

“We didn’t practice before the actual walk, but there was a two hour long motivational session called ‘Learn or Burn’ to help get everyone hyped-up and in the right frame of mind. The aim of the session was to get us to really believe we could do it – we were told to focus on being ‘strong, powerful and magnificent’. We were also encouraged to support all of the other fire walkers and create a real team spirit.

“We were then taken out to watch the fire being lit with a lot of paraffin and initially the flames were taller than me which was slightly terrifying. The flames died down after about 15 minutes and then the fire walking started. The coals were raked over after every five or so people to make sure they were just as hot for all the walkers.”

Sarah continues: “It was an amazing experience and each of us felt different sensations. To me, the coals felt mostly wet with only small hot bits in them, but as you’re walking quite quickly, it’s hard to register. We all managed to complete the walk with only a couple of very minor burns and were rewarded with a ‘Fire Walk Challenge’ certificate and a well-earned glass of fizz – many thanks to everyone who has supported us.”

Clarion partner Sara Rogers is a trustee and deputy chair of St Gemma’s Hospice and the firm supports the charity with a number of events including an annual sports dinner and quiz, and initiatives including ‘Make a Will for Free’ months.

To sponsor the fire walkers, please visit: www.virginmoneygiving.com/team/ClarionFireWalkers


Picture shows: Sarah Harrison of Clarion


Picture Shows: Jennifer Leithgoe of Clarion


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