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Good News from the Debt Recovery Team - Reduction in Issue Fees


The existing system of issuing claim forms has become slow and ineffective since the bulk issuing was transferred to the Northampton CCMCC (Via Salford). We have recently upgraded our own systems enabling us to issue proceedings electronically. As well as speeding up the process this will also mean a reduction in the court fees.

NEW : Overseas Collections

We have also expanded our remit to include international collections providing a comprehensive service in Europe, the Middle East, Far East and the Americas. We have a global network of lawyers, in more than 120 countries with a knowledge of local laws, payment conditions, languages and cultures.

Increased Success with Winding Up Petitions

We continue to issue Petitions on a regular basis with encouraging results. So far this year very few of the Petitions have led to Winding up Orders so this is good news for our clients because on most occasions it has resulted in the debt and costs being paid. Even when the debtors are unable to pay, sometimes they will seek help and assistance from an Insolvency Practitioner and this often results in the calling of a meeting of creditors. In these circumstances, it is unlikely that we will recover the debt but more often than not we will still recover the petitioners costs.

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