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Coast to Coast update Day 2


They keep on going....

After a lovely evening at the Red Lion in Burnsall and a hearty breakfast the team were eager to get going.   It was a lovely sunny day, which was a nice change from the previous day, so they set off in high spirits.  However, within minutes Mark Burns went to turn and promptly fell, to everyones amusment!  Quickly sorting himself out they were off... 

Almost straight away they faced a big hill however they all steamed ahead and made it to top to be rewarded with gorgeous North Yorkshire views.   At this stage Liam Cottter of RSM Tenon requires a special mention as he also made it to the top despite knee problems.  

It was then straight down hill into Patley Bridge which really put their breaks to the test as some reached nearly 42 miles an hour!

Not stopping at Patley Bridge they ploughed ahead to Brimham Rocks for a chocolate break (in need of a sugar rush).

It was then upwards and onwards to Fountains Abbey and then into Ripon, where a pint and pub lunch were promptly consumed.  As the sun continued to shine they realised that sun tan lotion should maybe have been on the packing list as there were some rosy cheeks.

Boroughbridge proved to be a challenge as the route was poorly sign posted but without too many wrong turns they reached Ouseburn at about 4pm where they were looking forward to a refreshing pint however were very disappointed to find the opening hours were 11am - 3pm and 5pm - 7pm.  So they had to battle on and do the last 14 miles in to York, reaching there at about 5pm. 

So after just 1 fall and 2 punctures day 2 proved to be a great success, if not a little tiring as they were promptly to bed after dinner!