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Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998

Late payment of invoices has long caused, and continues to cause, significant issues for businesses, especially in light of the current economic climate, with small/medium size companies often being the worst affected.

The golden rule of contract law - avoid the avoidable

Commercial contracts are sometimes considered to be one of the trickiest legal areas to deal with, particularly for business owners and managers who do not have a legal background.  However, a significant proportion of contract litigation arises from entirely avoidable situations.  By following the practical guidance below, businesses can…

Insolvency Service redundancies will have damaging effect

With the announcement of mass job cuts in the corporate division of The Insolvency Service, Leeds and every other regional office across the country is likely to lose around three front-line insolvency investigators.

Housebuilding - Positive Signs and Big Challenges Ahead

After taking a hard hit in the recession, there are now clear signs that Britain's major house builders are back in business having reduced costs and streamlined their operations over the past two years.