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170 mile bike ride – done!


They battled through wind and rain but they made it!

Well, we made it.  Despite returning home with aches in muscles we did not know we had, the 18 strong cycle team thoroughly enjoyed the adventure.

We embarked on our challenge on 14 September, battling the elements in the wake of Hurricane Katia.  It was an extremely tough 3 days, but a fantastic experience.  Day 1 from Morecambe to Burnsall brought with it torrential rain and what seemed like some of the biggest hills in Yorkshire, particularly climbing out of Settle.  Day 2 from Burnsall to York was a better day as the sun shone for us as we ploughed onwards and upwards (again!) for the first 20 miles or so.  Then it was much flatter as we approached York.  Day 3 from York to Bridlington became more of a challenge than we anticipated as although the terrain was fairly benign we had to battle a strong head wind for nearly 70 miles!  There was a lot of back slapping and hugging upon arrival in Bridlington as our achievement sank in.

So far, we have succeeded in raising £20,800 for The Being Bel Trust which is fantastic.  Thank you very much indeed for supporting us in this challenge for this very worthy cause.