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General Counsel Masterclass - Drafting Clearer Contracts

The most important function of a contract is to accurately express a deal. The majority of contract disputes arise not because of clever analysis of complicated legal nuance, but simply because the contract didn’t reflect the original deal. Good con…

Costs and Litigation Funding masterclass

At our next Costs and Litigation Funding masterclass, a panel of experts in the field will share their knowledge and experience. Sue Fox, Senior Associate at Clarion Must parties revise a costs budget if a significant development has occurred? What h…

Mental Health Awareness in Construction

As part of our commitment to driving quality in the construction industry, we’re partnering with Constructing Excellence, a platform for industry improvement which aims to deliver excellence through clients, industry and users working together.

Big health data - Big opportunity

The Medical Research Council recently highlighted in its report, ‘Mapping the Landscape of UK Health Data’, that each day, more data than ever before is being generated about our lives. This allows researchers to examine health data safely and…

The HR Breakfast Club: Rising Stars in HR

As part of our professional development programme for rising stars in HR, our next event will focus on why people are the driving force of success in any organisation. Our guest speaker, Rachel Hannan, will share highlights of her career – and why s…