Our highly experienced team advises clients across a wide range of sectors in relation to investigations, enforcement and prosecutions by regulators. We also provide strategic and proactive advice to help you meet the challenges of regulatory and compliance frameworks expected of businesses in the UK, and to build and maintain regulatory resilience.

We not only robustly represent and defend you when you face a regulatory intervention or prosecution, but work with you to devise and implement new and improved processes to help avoid further prosecutions. We help clients use these types of incidents as an opportunity for cultural reflection, to identify the real root cause of any particular regulatory or compliance failing, and to use a negative situation as a platform for positive growth and development.

Our experience is extensive and we can advise on matters relating to serious and fatal injuries in the workplace, food safety and hygiene offences, food labelling, product safety, consumer protection and advertising, environmental liabilities, as well as anti-bribery and corruption.

We advise senior management teams on strategic regulatory compliance matters including regulatory risk management support, regulatory and compliance diagnostics and analysis, director’s duties, crisis management, accident impact and response, audits, and training and coaching. This also ties in with your ESG agenda, providing direction with ESG and regulatory strategies they overlap. Our recent experience includes providing advice on greenwashing claims, supply chain ethics and due diligence, and corporate governance programmes.

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