Understanding the strengths and vulnerabilities of your intellectual property (IP) is crucial to realising its benefits and full potential. We will help you to exploit your IP rights to the full.

Our specialist intellectual property lawyers like to take a different approach to other advisers. We don’t just give you the correct legal solution. We aim to give you the ideal business solution.

So, we don’t draft a 10 page IP licence where a one page letter will do (unless you want us to). That would be a waste of your money. Not good for your business. We want you to choose to work with us for the long term.

But if you want us to use the full force of the law to obtain urgent Court orders to protect your IP rights in multiple countries, we can do that too (and we have).

We have one of the largest teams of dedicated IP lawyers in the North of England. Acknowledged experts in the UK and internationally, we offer a full range of integrated IP services in over 75 countries through our highly qualified team and collaborative approach.

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