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What makes the perfect gentleman?


I read, with interest, some research undertaken by Serenta Flowers. They surveyed 2,000 women and asked them to describe what makes a “gentleman”.

The Oxford Dictionary describes a gentleman as “a chivalrous, courteous, or honourable man”. The poll was seeking to find out what in fact makes a man a true gentleman. Some of the examples were what you might traditionally expect, so things like noticing a hair cut, fixing a computer etc. Others were more radically out there, but clearly show what we do and don’t like in a relationship. It was clear from reading the results, which are listed below, that the gestures don’t in fact need to be grand gestures, often the simplest thing can do the trick.

Sadly, some of those polled complained that they did not feel that enough men showed such behaviour, with 60% of those polled feeling this way. The poll also listed some more traditional signs of gentlemanly behaviour and 94% of those polled enjoyed having the door held open for them or liked being bought flowers. Sadly one in three of those surveyed had never been bought a bunch of flowers.

A couple of the more amusing signs of a gentlemen were when he told you that your skirt was tucked into your knickers and, more romantically, how he would carry you home when your feet started hurting after a night out!

It is interesting to compare the modern and traditional top signs of being a gentleman so, for those interested, here is the full list….

1. Carries you home from a night out when your shoes are hurting your feet
2. Calls you in the morning to make sure you’ve got up on time
3. Tells you if your skirt is tucked into your knickers
4. Lets you have the last sweet/crisp in the bag
5. Takes your car for an MOT or checks your engine
6. Allows you to pull in front of them in traffic
7. Fixes your computer or laptop for you
8. Quickly notices your new haircut
9. Offers their phone when your battery has ran out
10. Will watch rom-coms with you without complaining
11. Records your favourite shows
12. Sleeps in another room when coming home late so as not to wake you
13. Returns a purchase to the shop for you
14. Watches the football on their laptop so as not to hog the TV
15. Gives you their copy of the newspaper
16. Likes pictures of you on Facebook
1. Offers to carry a heavy case for you
2. Gives you his coat in the rain
3. Buys you flowers ‘just because’
4. Helps you if you drop your shopping
5. Allows you to go first in a queue
6. Insists on driving you somewhere if it’s raining or late
7. Shares his umbrella with you
8. Regularly offers to make dinner
9. Does the dishes and other housework without being asked
10. Makes conversation with your friends
11. Walks you to a destination rather than point out the way
12. Buys your favourite food with the grocery shopping
13. Regularly offers a cup of tea
14. Flags down a taxi for you

So if your other half is not acting like a gentleman or is behaving in other ways which are causing problems in your marriage or relationship and you would like to know what your options are, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this further on a no obligation basis.
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