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Wedding Dress first.... Find a Husband second?


I read, with interest, some research carried out by Interflora which polled 600 single women. It astonishingly revealed that two thirds of single females have had certain aspects of their wedding planned since they were young children.

Many have already thought about the dress that they would wear; the car in which they would arrive at the church; the amazing hotel in which they would have their reception….despite many of them not even being engaged to be married!

Of these people, over one third admitted regularly looking on the internet/buying wedding magazines for ideas about their big day, dress and where to hold the event.

The statistic that did make me smile was that 58% of those polled admitted that they had not shared any of this information with a new boyfriend!

The most important factors that people had selected already were the type of dress; where they were going on honeymoon; who the bridesmaids were and in what season the wedding was to happen. Interestingly, there was no mention in the poll about making sure you have found the right man to marry!

Below are the details as to the percentage of single women who had decided on the following wedding decisions:

Selected the type of wedding dress 49%
Thought about their honeymoon destination 32%
Selected bridesmaids 31%
Chosen the flowers 23%
Decided on your hairstyle 20%
Chosen the wedding venue 20%
Thought about the menu choices 17%
Thought about the favours 15%
Decided on the cake 12%
Chosen the church 12%
Thought about the vows 12%
Decided on the hymns 9%
Decided on an exact date 6%

Maybe these statistics, which some may think are a bit extreme, show that a girls’ wedding day really is the most important day of her life! However, I expect if so, the reality and normality of married life may not live up to the magnitude of the day itself and problems in the marriage may arise. If so, and you would like advice regarding marital problems, please feel free to contact me to discuss them further.

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