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Was it a long hot summer ?


I previously blogged on 4 January 2010, that January is notoriously a busy time for divorce lawyers. Often nicknamed “black Monday” we are told that our phones will ring off the hook on the first Monday back to work after the Christmas break.

However, recent research conducted by OnePoll (www.onepoll.com) commissioned by Drayton Manor has revealed that in fact September may be a busy time for family lawyers, given that the average family will argue 84 times over the summer holidays.

Arguments over money, how to keep the children busy on rainy days, children themselves arguing etc means that the average family argues twice a day, which equates to 14 rows each week and a staggering 84 over the 6 week holiday.

Sadly, over 20% of these arguments will be between the mother and father. Research shows that almost a third of parents now actually dread the start of the summer holidays and half of those surveyed count down the days to the start of the new school term.

In the Family Team we have noticed a significant number of enquiries already this month and at the time of posting, we have opened more files to date this month, than for the entire month of August. Many people, whilst they are at home with the family, do not want to be consulting family lawyers. However as soon as the children have gone back to school, it seems that one of the first telephone calls they make are to matrimonial lawyers.

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