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Valentine’s Day – a day for romance and love or bragging rights?


For most women, Valentine’s Day is an important day of the year. Not particularly because they need a day to show their love to their partners or vice versa but more because of peer pressure.

Others expect people who are in relationships to buy each other cards and gifts and to go somewhere special on the day to celebrate. It sometimes seems that the strength of a relationship and the couples’ feelings for one another are both measured on occasions like Valentine’s Day, by others.

It now seems like a competition as to who can get the best gift or go on the best date to celebrate what is for many, the most romantic day of the year. Social networking sites like Facebook have only added to this by affording users the opportunity to publicly announce what they have done or what their partner has bought for them. I can’t help but thinking that Valentine’s Day is about bragging rights – my partner loves me the most because s/he bought me this or took me there – and I think it is hard for women to resist joining in the competition, or perhaps even harden when they are single and not in the race.

So what about the thought element of Valentine’s Day, does this have any value to women in today’s materialistic society? I would say that it certainly does, I expect there are many women out there who would be happy with a sentimental card and a small token of affection whether this be a gift which has been purchased or a kind gesture. For them, this would be enough for their partner to show they care and for them to feel special and loved; after all is that not what women who are in serious relationships really want! And to the men out there, you will be pleased to hear that doesn’t have to cost you the earth.

For those women out there who don’t get anything for Valentine’s Day, maybe treat yourselves to something special and brag to your friends about that instead, after all loving yourself is just as important as other people loving you!

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