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Unhealthy relationships


As if the doom and gloom couldn't get any worse at the moment, it is now coming to light that those who are unhappy within their marriages, and particularly women, are potentially putting their health at risk.

An article published today on the BBC website highlights the results of a study carried out in the US, and shows that a condition known as "metabolic syndrome" often manifests itself in unhappy wives. The condition often goes hand in hand with depression and has symptoms such as increased blood pressure and weight gain.

It is not clear at this stage whether an improved relationship "health" is directly linked to an improvement in physical health, but it is clear that stress, tension and depression that result from, amongst other things, difficulties in a marriage, can all contribute to poor general health and wellbeing. It is therefore important that a couple that is experiencing relationship problems seek the appropriate advice, whether it be through counselling or otherwise. We are happy to recommend a number of counselling services and mediators, please get in touch if you we can be of any assistance. We are also happy to arrange an appointment for you to come and see one of our Solicitors. Sometimes a little advice can help save the relationship.  However, if the relationship is over, we can provide legal and practical advice to help guide you through the process. We aim to deal with matters in a non-confrontational approach and we believe this helps our clients focus on the important issues, rather than arguing for the sake of it.

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