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Top 10 Private Client Law Tips


Take a look at our top ten private client law tips on: Lasting Powers of Attorney, Court of Protection, Wills and Estate Planning, Probate and Asset Protection.

Lasting Powers of Attorney (“LPA”)

1.  Check the provisions of your LPA are valid and enforceable, especially if you are preparing the forms yourself. Read our blog on Lasting Power of Attorney- Are your provisions valid and enforceable?

2.  If you have registered an LPA in the last four years, check whether you are due a partial refund of the Office of the Public Guardian’s registration fee. Read our blog on Lasting Power of Attorney fee refund Update

Court of Protection​

3.  Check the new Court of Protection Rules if you are a lay or professional deputy and need to make an application to court or involved the court in any way. Read our blog on New Court of Protection Rules 2017 apply from 1 December

Wills & Estate Planning

4.  Regularly review your Will, particularly if you have experienced a change in circumstances. Read our blog on New Year, New Will

5.  Keep an eye on the Law Commission’s consultation on the reform of wills for changes which may affect a will you already have in place or cause you to consider drafting a new will. The Consultation period closed on 10 November 2017 but the final report has yet to be published. Read our blog on Law Commission Reform of Wills

6.  Consider what will happen to your digital assets after you die and if necessary, make arrangements for this. Read our blog on Digital Estate Planning

7.  Consider whether you would like your share of a jointly owned property to pass under the terms of your will or directly to your co-owner on your death. Read our blog on Joint Ownership Of Property - Jointly Owned Assets

8.  Ensure that you have expressed your wishes in relation to any life insurance, death in service or pension policies so any lump sums payable on death go to the people you want them to go to.Read our blog on Pension Death Benefits - A Reminder to Review your Wishes


9.  Consider a limited grant of representation if you are an executor and need to urgently preserve an asset of the deceased’s. For example, proceed with selling the deceased’s house, keeping their business running or preserving a litigation claim they were involved with. Read our blog on Limited Grant of Representation, can it be obtained quickly?

Asset Protection

10.  Consider protecting the money you invest in property, whether it be a gift or a loan to purchase the property or you and your co-owner contributing different amounts. Read our blog on Property declaration of trust and protecting the bank of Mum and Dad

If you would like to discuss any points further, please contact a member of Clarion’s Private Client team who would be happy to help.

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