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Tis the season...


This is usually the time of year when families are getting ready for the Christmas holiday and having fun decorating the Christmas tree, buying lovely food and wrapping huge piles of gifts!

However, it is also a very difficult time of year for children whose parents are separated and where arrangements are still not in place for the Christmas period. For any child, this time of year should be exciting and full of promise and yet it can be distressing if parents are unable to reach a sensible agreement as to how their children will be sharing their time with their parents.

Here are some hints to try to help make this time of year easier for the whole family:-

1. Remember that your child is the most important person to consider when making arrangements for Christmas contact.

2. Ask (don’t tell) the other parent to work with you on this issue. It may be worth showing them this list to help focus their mind.

3. Remind your child, and yourself, that Christmas is one day and there will be plenty of special occasions over the next 364 days.

4. Do not speak negatively to your child about the other parent, or criticise their plans with the other parent.

5. Refrain from having an argument or heated discussion at contact handovers. This will lead to more animosity and cause upset to your child.

6. Enjoy the lead up to Christmas with your child in the time that you have, do not try to cram it all into one day.

7. Keep your child protected from any disagreement between you and your co-parent. Take every attempt to ensure they do not pick up on any hostilities.

The key points to remember are that both parents wish to spend time with their child and to make a lovely Christmas memory. This can be achieved when both parents work together to ensure that their time is special but always considering what their child would like too.

If you need any assistance in relation to matters concerning children arrangements, the family team at Clarion will be happy to try to help further. Please contact Sue Mason on sue.mason@clarionsolicitors.com.


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