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Tis the season....


It is hard to believe that the festive season is almost upon us once again and I personally cannot believe how quickly this year has passed.  For most of us, the festive season is a time to look forward to, giving us all a break from work for a couple of weeks and the opportunity of spending quality time with friends and family. 

 However, it is unfortunately a sad fact that spending more time than we are used to with family members that we do not otherwise see as much during the course of the year can lead to tension, strain, and often these boil over into arguments. 

 In some cases, such arguments can be easily resolved between the family, and matters will return to normal, at least until next Christmas.  However, in other cases, it is unfortunate that the arguments that take place can cause irreparable damage to a relationship, so much so that couple will go their separate ways, either by way of separation, or formal divorce proceedings, often in the New Year. 

 It is not the job of the family lawyer to advise a client on whether their decision to separate is the right one.  However, once a decision has been made by the individual in question, we are there to soften the blow as much as possible, working with the client and giving them as much guidance as possible in order to advise them from both a practical and legal aspect.

 It is commonly reported in the news during the first week of January that family lawyers experience an increased influx of new enquiries from potential clients who have experienced difficulties during the festive season.  We have certainly found that this is true over recent years, and January is one of our busiest times of the year.  Even if the decision about whether to separate has not yet been made, it is certainly worth contacting a family solicitor for some confidential, initial advice, in order that potential clients know where they stand in the event of any subsequent separation or divorce.

 All of our team are members of Resolution, and we are committed to advising and dealing with disputes in a non-confrontational and constructive manner.  Not only does this reduce, as far as is possible, the animosity and acrimony that is common to the vast majority of our clients’ situations, but it also, in a large number of cases, means that disputes can be settled without incurring large levels of unnecessary costs that may be incurred otherwise. 

 If you require any further information or would like to discuss anything in respect of your relationship then please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Family Team on 0113 222 3241. 

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