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For many couples in the unfortunate position of separating or divorcing, the prospect of lengthy and expensive court battles can be a daunting process with no guaranteed outcome and the feeling that matters are beyond your control.    Collaborative Law offers a real and successful alternative to the "traditional approach" of resolving matrimonial disputes.

Traditionally, when couples separate they each take independent legal advice from specialist family solicitors.   They work through their lawyers to try to reach an agreement.  If no agreement can be reached, some months down the line (and potentially thousands of pounds) it is left to the family courts to decide, leaving a degree of uncertainty.   For couples choosing the collaborative route to resolving their differences, there is a commitment from both the client and the lawyers not to go to court and matters are resolved through direct discussion in a series of meetings attended by both the clients and their lawyers.  All parties work as one team and the process only concludes when all matters are satisfactorily settled.

What is required to make Collaborative Law work?

Why is Collaborative Law so successful?

All our Family Team are Collaboratively trained and are willing to discuss any aspect of the process with you if you have any questions.    Feel free to contact Rachel Spencer Robb on 0113 336 3349.

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