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The perils of shopping......is your relationship at risk?


As a divorce lawyer, I spend quite a lot of time with those separating discussing the problems they had in the marriage that lead to the marriage breaking down.

I was interested to read some recent research commissioned by Quidco into shopping activities. The study of 2,000 British people found that 80% of men found clothes shopping with their partner boring and, alarmingly almost half have ended up rowing with their partner because of their bad mood whilst shopping!

Andy Oldham, the managing director, stated “This study reveals that both genders have different tipping points that can be reached very quickly..” The research revealed that on some occasions men have been so fed up shopping, that they have left their partners to it and returned home alone! I suspect that in itself will lead to an almighty row when the wife returns home after having to make her own way back.

The research goes on to list the top 10 contributing factors to men’s shopping boredom which include:

• Being dragged into the same shop several times;
• Missing something on TV/a sports match in order to go shopping;
• Being repeatedly asked for their opinion on things that look identical to them;
• Their partner taking ages to make a decision or find what they want.

I am sure that we can all think of examples of occasions when we perhaps have been guilty of doing some of these things!

Andy Oldham makes some good suggestions and comments “in order to maintain a harmonious relationship, couples could consider on-line shopping via cash back sites that will not only remove the stress of the high street, but also pay the shopper too”. The research suggests there would be some benefits in following his suggestions. Whilst I am not suggesting avoiding shopping to avoid divorce, it certainly makes interesting reading as to how what could be regarded as a simple shopping trip could lead to further problems, in an already fraught relationship.

Justine Osmotherley is a Partner and Head of Family Team at Clarion and can be contacted on justine.osmotherley@clarionsolicitors.com or Direct dial 0113 336 3323

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