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The Litigation Process Explained


We are often asked “what does the litigation process actually involve”? To the majority it is seen as a daunting and complicated process.

As with many areas of law there is large amount of jargon that means very little to anyone not involved on a day to day basis.  We understand the importance of plain language therefore we wanted to help demystify the litigation process.  To that end we have prepared a fact sheet that explains most of the common terms and expressions used. 

So to begin with litigation in England and Wales, both in the High Court and the County Court is governed by the Civil Procedure Rules (“CPR”).  This is a set of rules with which litigants must comply with during the litigation process.

We hope that this document will be helpful in explaining some of the terms used in the litigation and dispute resolution process.

We have prepared other summary documents to help explain important aspects of litigation and dispute resolution in more detail.  These are listed at the end of the fact sheet and are available on request.

Of course, if you have any other questions please do contact us.

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