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The importance of legal advice in the police station




Legal advice at the police station is essential and can help prevent or shorten future Court appearances.  Being at a police station for questioning is an intimidating prospect for anyone and having a person there to advise you on the best course of action will reassure you that you are taking the correct course of action.

On a number of occasions now I have represented people at Court who have not asked for representation at the police station and when asked why say things like "I did not think I needed one" or "the police told me it would take too long to get one."  I do not believe either of those to be valid reasons.  The police have a vested interest in people not obtaining legal advice as often it makes their job more difficult.  As for those who do not think they need a solicitor I would like to stress that whatever the circumstance and whatever the investigation I would ensure I got legal advice and I have years of experience attending the police station to advise people. Likewise, my colleagues would all insist on being professionally represented.

Representation at the police station does not cost anything to the individual and the police have an obligation in all but the rarest of circumstances to ensure that a representative is contacted even in those cases the right can only be delayed not withheld.

At Clarion we operate a 24 hour a day call out service and are experienced in dealing with all types of cases that would appear in the police station from road traffic, to criminal damage, to assault, to serious and complex fraud.

Additionally, due to the firm's membership of the VHCC panel you can rest assured that we will be able to deal with your case from start to finish in all but rare circumstances.  This is not a service that a large number of our competitors can offer.

If you find yourself the subject of an investigation by either the police or any regulatory body please feel free to contact us on 07850 899999 at anytime or simply ask the custody staff to contact Clarion.

Keith Allen

Associate Solicitor

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