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Technology experts agree – gender diversity must be encouraged


Many of the leading technology businesses in the region came together earlier this month, at a TechTalk dinner, hosted by Clarion and BHP Accountants. Held regularly, these dinners allow the thought leaders and innovators of the region to discuss the key issues facing businesses in the current climate. 

There is always great debate at these events, and this event was no exception, with the lively discussion enhanced and supported by two guest speakers – Gav Winter, CEO of RapidSpike, a website monitoring, security and user analytics platform and >Stuart Bullock from BJSS, which is now the largest privately-owned IT and business consultancy in the UK. Gav and Stuart shared their personal success stories and how they overcame the challenges of scaling a tech business.

Alongside the guest speakers, diners also held forth on a range of other topics throughout the evening. However, the one that proved to be the most animating for everyone was people, skills & workplace diversity. There was a fascinating variety of examples put forward, ranging from the benefits of recruiting apprentices instead of graduates, to the value that can be delivered to both employers and staff when two people job share in senior leadership roles.

However, the most significant issue when discussing workplace diversity and tech is the problem of gender imbalance – how do you encourage more women into the industry?

Steve Crow, Director of Business Development at Clarion, who helped organise the dinner, said “Everyone at the dinner agreed that more needed to be done to support workplace diversity, to ensure more women, in particular, feel comfortable working in tech, because the benefits for everyone are huge.”

“We all felt strongly that change needs to happen at an early age, during primary or secondary school,” said Stephen “so that a career in technology is seen as equally accessible and attractive to both boys and girls.”

For many though, finding answers to problems like workplace diversity starts with getting the right people in a room, who can put their heads together and start sharing ideas. “Events like Techtalk provide a massive opportunity for collaboration,” said Stephen. “It’s great to be able to bring together leaders in their field to share best practice and initiate important conversations that can make a real difference to their industry.”

Diversity in other sectors

Tech is not the only industry grappling with the question of diversity. It’s an important and growing issue for a variety of sectors, and it’s one that Clarion is pleased to support. Prior to the Techtalk dinner, we were delighted to host the recent Inclusivity Conference, which brought together ambassadors for inclusivity from the Yorkshire and Midlands manufacturing sector to share their stories and ideas for improving diversity in their industry.

Similar to the Techtalk dinner, attendees not only heard from experts in their field, but were also able to hold wide-ranging discussions among themselves as to what can be done to improve diversity in the workplace. It allowed participants to get some fresh perspectives on an age-old problem and obtain some new insights on diversity. These kinds of discussion are important to have and can only be to the benefit of both the manufacturing and technology industries.

More to come from us…

Given the importance of this topic, we’re going to post a series of blogs on diversity and its impact in the workplace over the coming weeks, so please keep checking back here for more.

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