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Stresses for a bride-to-be


I recently read some research carried out by GettingPersonal.co.uk. They surveyed 1,000 newly married women about the top causes of stresses for brides-to-be. The full 20 are listed below.

Interestingly, not one of the stresses related to whether or not the marriage may work; how happy the parties would be; how long they would live together for - instead, all the stresses revolved around making the wedding day that perfect, special day.

The wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of a bride’s life, but it seems that the stress and the build up to it, can cause such immense anxiety. 6 in 10 of those polled picked aspects of their wedding day, just to make their day better than their friends! Further, more than half of those polled actually confessed to falling out with family and friends during the planning for the big day – arguments over which relatives to invite; sorting out the seating plan; in-laws taking over….. were all included in the top 20 stresses. In fact, 1 in 20 of those surveyed had in fact made themselves ill in an effort to make their wedding better than anyone else’s!

So...for those that are presently planning the big day, below is the list of the top 20 stresses:

1. Unwanted wedding guests
2. Bridesmaids complaining about dresses
3. Negative comments about bride’s choices
4. Family politics due to step-parents
5. Mother-in-law taking over
6. Complaints about the seating plan
7. Not enough help planning the wedding
8. A disappointing hen-do
9. A misbehaving best-man
10. Photos being tagged on Facebook
11. The bridesmaids putting on weight
12. Pressure to look great in the dress
13. Stories from the stag-do
14. Looking her best in professional photographs
15. Choosing food everyone will like
16. Bad weather
17. Bridesmaid outshining the bride
18. Too many children coming to the wedding
19. Wanting a better wedding than a friend’s
20. Not wanting guests to get bored

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