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Should you change your name on marriage?


I remember when I was getting married the debates that occurred with friends and colleagues about changing my name on marriage.

The decision was easy for me. First, I wanted children and wanted us all to have the same surname and was happy with that. Second I didn't really like my maiden name and much preferred the sound of "Osmotherley". I did, however, hear a few comments about why it shouldn’t just be the wife who changes her surname and why shouldn't the husband change his surname to the wife's. I took the view that it was my decision to make and I was happy with my own personal decision.

I perhaps was lucky that I liked my now husband’s surname. Some research was undertaken recently by Siteopia which commissioned a report that revealed around a third of married women did not like their married surname and would have felt better had they retained their own name. Reasons were given for this unhappiness and it seems to largely stem from wives actually liking their maiden names. Some compromised by going double- barrelled and using both names. I didn't even consider this - Osmotherley is enough of a mouthful, Justine Crawshaw-Osmotherley feels a step too far. Imagine trying to fit that onto a business card!

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