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Settling In?


That’s the thing about moving, house or job, there is a feeling of real excitement about the new place one is going to and at the same time, some regrets about the life and people one is leaving behind. We take a forward and positive step into the future but at the same time give up some of our familiar securities. Well, that is what I have experienced over the years.

I have moved to Clarion because I was offered the chance to become part of the management team of a young and successful firm that is going places. Clarion is growing its business and for me, the chance to really expand the offer to high net worth clients using my experience and professional network is too good a challenge to miss. So, I am excited by my move and please do not misunderstand me, I haven’t really looked back.

Of course, I miss my colleagues from LCF in Ilkley and many of my clients. I have always tried to build long term relationships with clients. I find this builds understanding and trust. It is of course also, an investment in terms of future potential business. I have not approached previous clients to move their files to Clarion but quite a few have discovered where I have moved to and followed me. Which, is great recognition of my previous service to the particular client and very satisfying. I will be carrying on with this philosophy and applying this approach to my new clients in Clarion.

So, have I made the right move? I am certain I have. I have a great set of colleagues in Private Client and in the wider Clarion team. The culture is very friendly and welcoming and at the same time, very professional. Have I settled in? Well, what do you think?

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