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Relationships formed with a work colleague are most likely to end in marriage!


A study of 2,000 adults in Britain has revealed we are more likely to marry a work colleague than other people we come into contact with. The study on workplace romance by CareerBuilder has found 14% of couples who meet through work end up getting married

The other most common relationships to result in marriage include ones that begin when meeting through a friend, originally being friends and meeting online. Meetings that take place in a pub, on holiday, at a party or in a nightclub often end as one off encounters.

CareerBuilder also found in a previous study that British workers spend 16 minutes of their day flirting. 43% workers admitted to having dated someone in their office at least once during their careers.

The sheer amount of time we spend with work colleagues appears to be one of the main factors for the statistic.

The annual CareerBuilder Valentine’s Day Survey of 4,000 workers nationwide was conducted online in November 2012 and this survey found 30% of workers had a workplace romance which led to marriage. This particular survey found the most popular situations for co-workers to begin a relationship were meeting each other outside of work, at happy hours, working late nights and during lunch breaks.

A spokesman for the recent survey, commissioned to mark the season eight DVD release of How I Met Your Mother, said:

“We spend so much time at work that it's inevitable that you will form close friendships that may go onto become a relationship further down the line. But being in a relationship where you work in the same place as your partner also means you have something in common before you even get to know each other, and being in the same career means you are both like-minded and have similar interests. And while other couples may struggle to talk to their other-half about work when they get home at the end of a long day because they don't understand or simply aren't interested, you're not going to have that problem if you marry a work colleague.”

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