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Personal Representatives - Administering an estate when a loved one has died


We understand that when someone close to you dies, that the process for dealing with their estate can seem complex and daunting. Someone needs to be authorised to deal with the estate, which may consist of assets such as a home, personal belongings, finances and liabilities. The person or persons who have the right to deal with or “administer” the estate are known as the deceased’s personal representatives (“PRs”).

The role of a personal representative (PR) is to collect in all the assets of the deceased, pay any liabilities which may be due, and then to distribute the balance in accordance with the terms of the deceased’s Will or the intestacy rules in the absence of a valid Will.

Our private client team has put together a useful estate administration guide to help you understand the process and to highlight things to be done which you may have otherwise missed. To summarise, some of the things which you will need to consider as a personal representative (PR) are as follows:

Our estate administration guide will take you through all of these considerations in more detail, helping to make the process less daunting for you.

If you have any questions or would like any assistance with dealing with the administration of an estate, please contact our private client team on 0113 336 3400 or email sarah.berry@clarionsolicitors.com.

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