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Parenting plan child arrangements for the school holidays - schools out


While children will be looking forward to the summer holidays, for a separated parent the run up to the holidays can be a stressful time.

Usually, the normal term time parenting plan agreement is suspended giving parents free rein to reach an arrangement between themselves. This can lead to a whole host of difficulties such as which parent will have the children when; arranging time off work; and obtaining consent from the other parent to take the children abroad.

It is important to plan early for the holidays so that any issues can be resolved well in advance. The holidays will often be split 50/50 and separated parents are usually able to agree the allocation of child care between themselves, however, there are occasions when an agreement cannot be reached and if you find yourself in that situation, the Clarion Family Team can help.

What to do if you are struggling to reach an agreement?

If you reach a stale mate with your ex-partner after having attempted to reach a parenting plan agreement about school holidays, then you should consider seeking legal advice. We would be able to discuss your options with you  and help you to consider an appropriate way forward, these may include:

If you are having trouble reaching a parenting plan agreement relating to the school holidays, do get in touch with a member of the Family Team to talk through your  concerns and agree the best way forward.


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