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OPG New Form


The OPG have recently published Form OPG105.

Section three is the key part of the document.  As a Deputy you are now required to provide estimates for the following categories of work:

  1. Contact with the client, their family and friends.
  2. Contact with Case Managers and care providers.
  3.  Contact with other parties.
  4. Work on forms and other documents.

The figures for the above four categories are calculated to produce a total estimated cost for the next reporting period (General Management year).

The form states the following:

“if your Bill of Costs is 20% or more above the amount you have given here, you will need to give an explanation to the SCCO when you submit your bill to them at the end of the next reporting period.  Please note the SCCO may still query the information we give in this insert in their assessment of your costs”

The cost officers at the SCCO will therefore be comparing the bills against the figures provided within Form OPG105 and it is therefore fundamentally important to estimate costs correctly, monitor costs by category and revise fee estimates before they are exceeded (where appropriate). Failure to do so is likely to result in reductions to a Bill of Costs by the SCCO.

Here at Clarion we have some practical solutions to avoid these risks which we are happy to share with you. Furthermore, we are able to assist with the completion of Form OPG105 for a fixed fee of £150.00 plus VAT.

Please feel free to contact Danielle Walker on 0113 222 3213.  

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