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Operating cash flow - Don’t mention the “B” word


Like so much else surrounding Brexit, uncertainty is the name of the game. For any business taking steps to prepare, trying to predict the impact Brexit will have on operating cash flow is particularly important.

With no new deal yet agreed upon, and the potential of a no deal scenario, you could be forgiven for fearing the worst.

The UK continues to have a poor payment record, which is exacerbated by the current political uncertainty. Payments are just not making their way down the supplier chain as quickly as they should be, causing pressure and liquidity issues, with particular pressure on operating cash flow.

The positive side of this situation is that businesses still have the time to take stock of last year’s performance and prepare themselves for whatever may be coming. Whilst macroeconomics will play a part in your business risk, with interest rates expected to rise, cash flow is an area you can target and de-risk.

Ways to do this include:

With the new Brexit deadline just around the corner, it is a good time to review your aged debts and credit control process to enhance your operating cash flow.

If you’d like to discuss improving your cash flow, please contact our Debt Recovery Team.

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