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Non payment of ground rent: Are your demands compliant?


In the current economic climate, ground rent is becoming a valuable source of income, therefore when it comes to non payment of ground rent, quick recovery is crucial.

The majority of leases will usually state a date for payment, however, until an official ground rent demand is served upon the leaseholder, the rent is not formally payable and cannot be legally recovered.

Be careful that there are no errors in the demands which could leave you exposed and give leaseholders an excuse for non payment of ground rent.  Ground rent demands must follow a prescriptive format, but, unfortunately, it’s easy to fail to comply with court rules.

By being thorough and ensuring your ground rent demands are compliant from the outset will prevent any payment delays as well as serving as a reminder to the leaseholder that they have a set period of time in which to send payment.

For example, your ground rent notice of demand should include:

Here at Clarion, we offer a full property arrears recovery service to landlords and property management companies in which we will review your current ground rent demands for free and provide advice and improvements to your demands where required. If you’re unsure as to whether your demand notice is legally binding, simply send us a copy and our specialist team will be on hand to help.  

You can contact Dale Fawcett from our Debt Recovery team on 0113 336 3422 or by email at dale.fawcett@clarionsolicitors.com.

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