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Name the cheat - can you really predict someone will cheat on you by their name?


Choose your partner carefully, as research undertaken by Siteopia.com has revealed that men named Wayne, Liam and Ryan are most likely to be unfaithful to their partners!

The survey, which was carried out by polling 2,000 women, ranked the 20 most common names of men who cheat and the full list is below. The researchers asked those polled a number of questions and it revealed that 68% of women involved in relationships with men whose names appear in the list had been cheated upon during a relationship.
It was interesting to read this research as it is our parents that choose our names and therefore we cannot really be stereotyped into believing that everyone named Wayne, Liam or Ryan will be cheats. However, it was interesting to note that there appears to be some names more popular than others. I am not sure that this will ever lead to women vetting their new potential partners by asking them for their name, before choosing whether to date them or not.
It did bring a smile to my face when I was looking further into this article and found some press coverage showing photographs of famous love rats with names that feature in this list!!
So, the list is:-
1. Wayne
2. Liam
3. Ryan
4. Matt
5. Craig
6. Steve
7. Scott
8. Dean
9. Mark
10. Lee
11. Harry
12. Ashley
13. Nick
14. Daniel
15. John
16. Sean
17. Darrell
18. Tom
19. James
20. Jack

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