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We all hear of the problems parents have with teenage children - here's some interesting research about the problems parents cause their children

As a matrimonial lawyer I frequently have clients who are involved in complicated relationships. Often there are children of those relationships and the troubles of step children etc often adds pressure to their own relationships. This can make the already difficult job of being a parent even more difficult. We are a society that probably has more complicated families now with half siblings, step children etc, all in all lead to complicated family lives.

We often hear of the difficulties parents face with the children of the relationship and how trying and troublesome this can be at times! I was therefore very interested to read some research commissioned by Penguin Books which shows the trouble children seemingly have with their parents!!

The research was commissioned by Penguin Books to mark the release of the 2nd book in a romantic series for teen readers. The study was carried out on 2,000 mums and dads and focused on the adult’s views on their relationships with their children. It was enlightening, to say the least, to read of the steps parents will go to, to try to break up a relationship they deem unsuitable for their children – deliberately causing arguments between them, banning them from seeing each other and purposely not passing on telephone messages.

The editor of the series of books, Rose Gardener states “the survey revealed that a third of parents disapprove of their child’s love interests because they are too old, or too dangerous”.

It seems, in the research, that mums are the ones who struggle the most with the idea of their son or daughter getting involved in a romantic relationship. The research goes on to list the main reasons why parents sabotage young love and these include:

• Not good enough
• Don’t like their family
• Living in a rough part of town
• Did not work hard at school
• Drinks too much
• Unsuitable hobbies or past times

What is worse is that many parents have confessed to following their children when they go out with friends, posing as a friend on Facebook to see their profile and … reading their personal emails!

It was quite interesting to read the research as we often hear the troubles and difficulties that parents find with children, it seems that actually children also have problems with parents!

Justine Osmotherley is a partner and head of the Family Team at Clarion Solicitors and can be contacted on 0113 336 3323 justine.osmotherley@clarionsolicitors.com

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