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Meddling Menaces or Merciful Minders?


That’s a question that has recently been raised by many divorce lawyers dealing with a new surge of couples deciding to separate and divorce in later life.

Termed the ‘silver separators’ defusing acrimony appears to be being put more to the test than ever but the problem is not necessary the couples getting divorced or separating themselves but their meddling adult offspring, often intent on protecting their own inheritance.

Some lawyers would say that the children are simply mindful of their ‘silver’ parents’ needs in later life and are there to help along the way with the emotions and the separation generally. I certainly have experienced very helpful offspring who at times, although shocked and upset by the separation of their parents, want to defuse what could be a rather acrimonious split between couples. However, other divorce lawyers would say they have experienced the influence of adult offspring only as meddling menaces intent on causing one or other of the party to the split to be unreasonable and raise that parent’s demands and expectations. They have reported offspring pressurising mum or dad to change their wills, or trying to persuade their parents to reconcile a marriage that is far from being saved and in turn matters are dragged on for far too long with the inevitable increment in costs for all concerned.

Meddling or Merciful that is the question. All offspring want the very best for their parents and so if your parents are separating or you are the ‘silver’ separator and want advice in respect to divorce, separation or cohabitation then please call our Family Team on 0113 246 0622.


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