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Love and heartbreak


A poll of 2,000 people at Siemens Festival Nights in August revealed interesting patterns in love and heartbreak. The most broadly reported statistic arising from this poll was that one in seven adults has 'made do' with their partner because the 'love of their life' has been lost- so one in seven adults reported being in a long term relationship with someone they don't class as their 'true love'. I hope that the remaining six in seven adults felt that their current relationship was with their true love!

However, the poll contained many other interesting points, which I think continued to pick up on the negative elements of society and relationships. One in twenty of those questioned reporting having suffered heartbreak more than five times in their life. To try and put a positive spin on that figure, it suggests that one in twenty people fell in love more than five times in their life, so the end of a relationship did not automatically mean that an individual will not be in love again. According to the poll, the average person fell 'head over heels' in love twice in their life, and had their heart broken just once- which suggests to me that the second 'true love' lasted, for the average person polled.

Other patterns revealed by the research were as follows: 46% of those who felt they had met their true love since commencing their long term relationship said they would consider leaving their partner to be with their true love. 60% of those questioned believed that 10 weeks is sufficient time to determine whether or not someone is Mr (or Mrs) Right. 75% of those polled said the definition of love changes with age.

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