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Lasting Power of Attorney fee refund Update


Further to the news we brought to you in July about the proposed Lasting power of Attorney (“LPA”) fee refund scheme, this has now been launched.

If you registered a LPA between 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2017, you can apply for a refund of part of your application fee. The LPA application fee is paid to the Office of the Public Guardian during the registration process.

The refund scheme has now been launched as the cost of running the Office of the Public Guardian reduced as more people applied to register an LPA. However, the LPA application fee was not reduced to take account of this until April 2017.

The refund scheme applies to LPAs and also to Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPAs) made in England or Wales.

The application for a LPA refund can be made by the donor or an attorney and the easiest way to apply is online: https://www.gov.uk/power-of-attorney-refund.

It is possible to apply by telephone if you do not have internet access.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss LPAs or EPAs with us generally, please get in touch on 0113 336 3400 or email me at sarah.berry@clarionsolicitors.com

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