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January big freeze heralds post-Christmas divorce avalanche


In my blog of 4 January 2010 I made comment on the fact that January is a busy time for divorce lawyers. In a press release issued by The Law Society, this has been confirmed :-

January big freeze heralds post-Christmas divorce avalanche

More people file for divorce in January than at any other time of the year. This January is expected to be no exception with couples reaching breaking point due to a combination of dysfunctional family Christmas's and the effects of the economic downturn.

The Law Society is advising anyone considering divorce to seek expert legal advice from a specialist family law solicitor.

Robert Heslett, Law Society President, says, "Divorce is stressful, the legalities can be complicated and emotions can cloud reasoning, so it is important to consult an expert from the outset to receive independent, impartial, objective advice from someone who will steer you clear of the legal pitfalls and safeguard your interests."

The reality is that the absence of an experienced specialist family lawyer in a family case puts the client at a significant disadvantage and slows down the legal process.

Robert Heslett, explains that a specialist family law solicitor will ensure that no important issues have been overlooked and all agreements are properly documented.

He says, "The legal formality of getting a divorce is a relatively straightforward process. What is generally much more complex is sorting out the practical issues such as where each person will live, who gets what, and arrangements for any children. So before agreeing matters with your partner it is advisable to consult a family law specialist solicitor who will advise you about your rights and the options available to you. They will also explain some of the financial complexities and will help you identify the issues that the court will consider, sort the wheat from the chaff, give tactical advice and may even save you time and money."

Getting a solicitor on your side doesn't automatically signal the beginning of a journey towards a court hearing. A solicitor will explain the other options available, such as mediation, or collaborative family law, designed to help people resolve issues following family breakdown in a calm and constructive manner away from court.

Robert Heslett, adds, "Solicitors can help you avoid court. Collaborative family law is designed to help people resolve issues following family breakdown in a calm and constructive manner. Both spouses and their collaborative family lawyers make an agreement to try to reach a solution without going to court."

Regardless of what route you opt to go down solicitors could help save a lot of heartache and stress for you and your family in the long run.


We wholeheartedly agree that it is important for clients to get the correct advise, and be offered a solution that works for them in their own situation.  There is no one correct solution, each marriage is different and each party to that marriage is different.  We pride ourselves on working with our clients to get the right outcome for them.

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