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is this week the most adulterous week of the year?


As frequent readers of my blogs will know, I am a great lover of statistics and surveys. ITV's Daybreak and One Poll have recently underdaken a Poll in relaiton to affairs!

One of the interesting things I read was a survey carried out by ITV’s Daybreak and One Poll who surveyed over 1000 people and, according to their survey, the first day back at work, after the Christmas break could be the most adulterous day of the year!

The research asked 8 questions in total and the survey revealed that over 30% of those polled had had an affair. It also confirmed that for a variety of reasons, the first day back after the Christmas break was the day most likely for people to begin affairs. I am not sure if the implication is that it will be an affair with a work colleague, or merely a beer after work that leads to a rendezvous……… however, the statistics show this is the most likely day that affairs will start!

As divorce lawyers we do know that this is a particularly difficult time of year for people, this may be due to an extended period spent together over Christmas, a New Years resolution to do something about problems in a relationship, or the affects of Seasonal Affective Disorder All of these factors may contribute to the reason why the first day back at work after the Christmas break is likely to be the most adulterous day of the year!

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