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Inaugural Clarion Bike Ride - The Clarion Tour, Stage 1


To help make the most of the excitement leading up to a fabulous summer of cycling in Yorkshire in 2014, our cycling enthusiasts here at Clarion are putting together a cycling year of events.

After a sociable get together in the car park of The Red Lion at Burnsall, putting on overshoes and stuffing rain capes into back pockets, a group of 12 friends of the firm and 5 Clarion riders set off on a 40 mile hilly route into the Dales on the inaugural ride of the 2013/2014 Clarion Cycling Tour (networking bike ride).

As we climbed out of Burnsall, the riders quickly split into an A++ group and a B group. Mist and rain added to the drama of the scenery as we inched up and swooped down through the lanes past Airton to Kirkby Malham, dodging sheep and potholes. Following the steep climb out of Malham we wound our way back to the Red Lion where sandwiches, chips and a pint tasted better for our efforts.

Thank you again to all those who joined the ride. More events are planned. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for future Clarion cycling events please contact our marketing manager, Jenny Rennocks on 0113 336 3310 or at jenny.rennocks@clarionsolicitors.com or if you have any questions about the rides please contact Ryan Millmore or John Mackle at Clarion.

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