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How is transformation embodied in procurement contracts?


Looking to improve processes or services in your business?

Using procurement as a tool to scope projects and select suppliers that initiate transformation in your business can create a cost effective way to improve performance. I wrote about this on the Science Warehouse website after attending their event ‘Procurement Battle Plan’ at the Royal Armouries.  The event was a great opportunity to share ideas with a range of procurement leaders from across the UK, and the discussion generated some excellent points to consider when managing transformational procurement processes.   

In a recessionary environment focus inevitably moves to cost reduction and best value, whether it is within a major project or business environment. Consequently procurement is moving up the agenda of most organisations, with businesses looking to access expertise and more sophisticated systems such as those provided by Science Warehouse. 

The three drivers for a successful transformational procurement process that need to be adhered to are:

To read the blog on the Science Warehouse website please click here. Alternatively you can listen to me talk on this topic following an event we hosted ourselves at which Paul Dickinson from the Olympic Delivery Authority joined us to share his experiences of heading up the procurement for the Olympic Park.

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