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Getting your debt in order before the end of the year


With Christmas fast approaching you will no doubt be trying your best to encourage some of those problem debtors to pay and hopefully reduce those debtor days to an acceptable level.

Many businesses will effectively shut down from the 20th December so it is vital that you pull out all the stops over the next two weeks.

The debt recovery team can play a vital part in easing any concerns that you may have. The service provided is swift, professional and most importantly cost effective. Where possible we will send a solicitors letters out by email or fax in order to maximise the chances of a quick recovery. We make every effort to recover the legal costs & compensation from the debtors therefore ensuring that you are not out of pocket. On the few occasions that we are unable to make a recovery we will make a thorough review of the case before advising you on the most suitable and cost effective action.

The team offers a range of products not just the standard telephone and letter collection strategies but also in house tracing, commercial ledger collect outs and free training in all aspects of debt recovery and collections.

To dicuss your debt issues please call Andrew Howard on 0113 336 3362 or via email to andrew.howard@clarionsolicitors.com.

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