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GDPR FAQS - Fair processing notice - Is yours correct for your employees?


Following passage of the GDPR earlier this year, what information should organisations tell their employees about the personal data processed about them?

All data subjects, including employees, should be provided with certain information about the ways in which their personal data is processed by their employer. This information is set out in Article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It includes:

The information set out above should be provided at the point the data is collected from the employee, usually via a fair processing notice or privacy policy.

Don’t forget that the same information will need to be provided to candidates (including unsuccessful candidates) as well. You may choose to provide this information within the same fair processing notice that is provided to employees, or to produce a separate fair processing notice for candidates, which could be made available on your organisation’s website.

If you would like help drafting fair processing notices for your employees, please contact Florence Maxwell or Matthew Hattersley.

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