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Future Proofing - It is never too early to start planning


Planning for a safe and secure future is even more important these days - pension pots are not as substantial and both the younger and older generations need more financial support than ever before.

We all hit a certain age when our professional and business arrangements need to be intertwined with personal considerations. We have designed packages to help you put everything in place, provide peace of mind and security for the future. Clare King explains all in one of our latest videos. 

It is never too early to start planning and it really is something that you should address sooner rather than later to ensure you have everything in place to ensure a secure financial future for you and your family.

Personal Wealth Protection

Putting in place a package of bespoke documents to include a will, powers of attorney and a pilot trust will allow peace of mind that in the event of incapacity or death your assets will be dealth with effectively and with mimimum fuss.

When putting these in place we can help you ensure that there is an element of protection in place when doing so to limit careless spending, for example.

An effectively drawn will allow you to do just this and maximise what goes to your family and friends. Also revisiting any will that you might already have in place might allow for protection to be put in place against Care Home Fees.

Clare King in our private client team is your first point of contact if you have any questions regards any of the above. Please call Clare on 0113 336 3363 or send her an email to clare.king@clarionsolicitors.com.


Business Protection and Succession Planning

Business owners have further requirements to ensure both personal and business protecetion. Having spent years building a successful business its future protection is essential. This should be considered in conjunction with your personal protection requirements.

This needs to be detailed in your Shareholder Agreement or via a Cross Option Agreement and our corporate team outlines a few of the things you need to think about in terms of succession planning in this video.

Your family and business partners require authority to be in place to make decisions on your behalf with regards your property or business affairs. Therefore it is essential to ensure the correct paperwork is in place sooner rather than later.


Future Financial Planning - Nuptial Agreements

Although the idea of any nuptial agreement can be for many a difficult subject to discuss, whether an agreement is entered into before or after a marriage, makes financial sense for many couples.

A nupital agreement is a financial planning tool - parties may have significant assets from a previous marriage, historic family wealth they would want to protect or children from a previous marriage that require access to a business succession plan.

Our family team has produced a blog and video that explores the benefits of nuptial agreements (pre and post) and why in later life these should be considered.

To find out if a nuptial agreement is the right thing for you please call our Family Team on 0113 246 0622.

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