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Festive fights or romantic delights?


As family lawyers, we often write articles this time of year about the perils of Christmas and how January marks a busy time for us, with many people having one too many arguments over Christmas and deciding that enough is enough.

I was therefore very interested to read some research undertaken by Beneden Health which lists the top 30 Christmas arguments. Sadly the research revealed that the average couple has 7 arguments over the festive period. Some of the topics of arguments are to be expected:-

• How much to spend on Christmas presents
• Who cooks the dinner
• Excessive drinking

The research was carried out on over 2,000 people and sadly revealed that amazingly around 33% of people felt that Christmas just wasn’t worth it because of the stress it causes.
I have to say that I did find some of the stresses quite amusing……… anyone else get stressed at any of these:-
• Whether to get a real or fake tree?
• Ownership of the remote control?
• The temperature of the house?
• What time to open presents?
I do hope that all of you reading this blog have a stress-free Christmas!
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