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Family arguments...


We hear, as divorce lawyers, of the type of arguments many families have on a regular basis. Often such arguments are over money, families, children etc...

I was interested to read some research commissioned by 1st Central which showed that, on a car journey, the first row happens 33 minutes into the car journey. The survey was commissioned after interviewing 2,000 people. The Researchers found that the music that is listened to, the food available in the car and the games played, mean more than around 50% of family car journeys feature at least one row.

More alarmingly is the statistic that almost 20% of parents have been so preoccupied by these arguments that they have either had an accident, or at least, nearly had an accident!

The study was looking at the time the average family would spend together in the car over the Easter break and found that it was around 5 hours 24 minutes. Sadly, 56% of those polled admitted that the majority of such journeys would end up with an argument.

Although a lot of these arguments are not so serious as to end the marriage, sometimes constant arguing is the final straw in an unhappy marriage.

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