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Employers Offered Peace of Mind from Employment Claims

Clarion has introduced an insurance scheme designed to protect businesses from the cost of employment tribunal claims. We now operate a dedicated Employment Law Protection Scheme to address the complex and costly issues, which are affecting the profitability of many businesses across the UK. It provides an audit of existing contracts, policies and procedures, an advisory helpline and an insurance product should the relevant employer face tribunal proceedings. Employment Tribunal Statistics published in October 2008 show that the number of cases brought to tribunal has increased by a massive 44% from a total of 105,177 cases in 2006/2007 to 151,249 in 2007/2008. A number of age discrimination claims are being filed each month and the average award in sex, race and disability discrimination claims is now over ?10,000. Obviously, some individual awards have been much higher. Richard Port, partner and head of employment law at Clarion says that ??in addition to the management time and disruption to the business taken up with tribunal claims, there is also the risk of significant awards against the relevant company and, of course, the legal cost of defending them. Employees are aware of their rights and there is no shortage of advisers ready to bring claims on their behalf. Further, in an economic downturn, employees can no longer leave one job and walk straight into another. Therefore, they are more likely to bring claims, however spurious.?. Clarion?s employment law services are carried out by regulated and qualified solicitors. In addition to the internal audit of the business?s employment policies and practices, our helpline (either stand alone or in conjunction with our insurance scheme) offers expert advice and, through the insurance policy, an ability to cover the costs of an employment dispute, including settlements and the cost of awards. Where there are unregulated and unqualified advisers in call centres representing protection schemes, backed with a myriad of caveats and exclusion clauses in relevant insurance policies, it is no wonder that businesses can be left confused and financially exposed. We believe that our expertise and genuine insurance product will give businesses confidence and peace of mind.

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