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Employee Settlement Agreements, do you need to reorganise your workforce?


As business advisers, we understand that businesses are increasingly challenged by rapidly changing national dynamics and a globalising economy.

We have seen the impacts of steel trade tariffs, fluctuating oil prices, the evolving energy agenda, the slowing Chinese economy, government funding cuts, new low cost entrants in the retail market and squeezed supply chains – just a few of the many challenges that businesses are having to navigate.

Businesses often need to respond to these difficult circumstances by restructuring which can involve site closures and/or parting ways with some or all of the workforce.

We have significant experience of providing the obligatory independent legal advice to employees who leave under a settlement agreement, helping the business to endure market challenges and quickly adapt to change.

If you find yourself needing to part ways with employees under settlement agreements, we have the expertise and experience to help you to manage the process quickly, cleanly and cost efficiently in providing advice to your employees.

From working with our own business clients, we know that periods of change can be stressful and time-consuming. We partner with you and your existing legal providers to make the process of concluding employee settlement agreements painless. You and/or your existing legal team would prepare the settlement agreement format and direct the employees to us exclusively for independent legal advice.

If you require support with concluding employee settlement agreements, we would be delighted to talk to you and share our experience of delivering this type of project.

Through partnering with us you would benefit from:

“[The settlement agreement project] was a huge effort, and was carried out with minimum fuss and good communication throughout.”
HR Manager | Essar Oil (UK) Limited

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