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Do brunettes make better wives?


Some interesting research, undertaken by Superdrug, has revealed that men think that brunettes make better wives and girlfriends than those with a different hair colour!

As a divorce lawyer, most of my days are taken up with dealing with people whose relationships have broken down. It was therefore very interesting to read the research, which was a study of 1,000 men concluding that brunettes make better wives and girlfriends than blondes! The research goes further and says brunettes tend to be:

· better cooks

· better cleaners (!)

· more sensible

· fans of football

· more organised

than woman of differing hair colours.

The statistics show that 54% of men would choose a brunette to be their wife, 16% would opt for a blonde and 30% do not have a preference.

I do not think that there has been any legal research done to look at divorcing trends by hair colour, perhaps this might be some research that can be undertaken? Do those who marry brunettes stand more chance of remaining married?

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