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Divorce in a respectful way


An article published recently in the Sunday Times magazine discussed the growing number of support groups that are specifically aimed at individuals who are experiencing divorce and family breakdown. The groups meet regularly and provide an outlet for their members who can share their experiences with those who are going through the same thing. Feedback from those who have attended the sessions has been incredibly positive, which just goes to show that whilst the divorce process is undoubtedly a difficult one, the pain can be eased by sharing stories and experiences with others.

It is now widely recognised that a divorce does not need to be all about confrontation and point scoring, and it can in many cases be dealt with swiftly and amicably. Divorcing couples should be encouraged to take a constructive approach to how they deal with the process, both individually and together. That is where collaborative family lawyers can help. Collaborative family law is a new concept that can be utilised by divorcing couples who wish to reach an agreement by working together. The couple will attend a series of meetings together with their solicitors and work together towards an agreed financial settlement. All of the confrontational elements of a "traditional" style divorce are removed by the fact that both parties and both solicitors must sign a participation agreement which prevents the matter being dealt with by the courts. Of course, both parties must feel comfortable with the process and be able to sit in a room together to talk openly and frankly, and this is something that they should bear in mind before embarking on the process, but the benefits of dealing with a case on a collaborative basis can be very wide reaching. Both parties are more likely to come away feeling positive about themselves and about their former spouse, which is very important if they have children and therefore need to have some sort of continuing relationship.

So divorce doesn't necessarily have to be like a military campaign with winners and losers. By thinking about looking after yourself and about life beyond divorce, you can come away feeling much more positive and ready for a new start.

If you think you might benefit from some advice about the collaborative family law process, 4 of our family team members are able to deal with cases on a collaborative basis so do get in touch.

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